Zirconia crown for your flawless smile

Zirconia crown for your flawless smile


Metal-free zirconia crown are not only the privilege of TV stars, celebrities.

At our state-of-the-art dental clinic in Budapest you have the opportunity to choose the most natural look prosthetics you can find on the dental market. 
The natural effect and the natural wear are the most important: with zirconia crowns and veneers, your teeth can look perfect and no-one will realise that you have crowns.
With these metal-free zirconia prostheses, almost anything can be made, not only crowns, but also if more prostheses (teeth) are needed, a zirconia bridge definitely provides a perfect chewing, youthful look without metal allergies.

The advantage of zirconia crowns over traditional metal and porcelain crowns: For many people, metal cannot be used due to allergic reactions. Unfortunately the number of people who suffer from metal allergy has increased recently.


The appearance of the crown is also different: the zirconia crowns, veneers have a much more natural look, as zirconium material transmits light poorly the same as living tooth layers.

Zirconia crowns and bridges have another huge advantage: even after many years there will be no dark grey gingival edge, which we can find in case of older metal-based crowns and prostheses, even if there was no metal allergy.

In order to achieve a perfect and radiant smile we work with the German Sirona Dental AG Cerec 3 systems at our dental clinic in Budapest. We also use advanced digital technologies that allow us to make a precise plan and a personalised end result on the entire tooth in advance.

With zirconia crowns the end result is a beautiful and natural smile! Contact us today to get a quote in 24 hours.

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