Dental implant reviews Budapest, Hungary

- Gabi -

Gabi’s experience with Dare to Smile Dental Budapest

- Thomas -
Full mouth dental implants review Budapest

“I can’t praise this place enough. Now I can smile and smile at everyone.”

- Keith -
Budapest Dental Implant Review

“Coming here was one of the best thing I’ve ever did. My new teeth look amazing!”

DareToSmile Client-Philip
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- Philip -

“Color of the teeth were perfectly matched to the others.” 

DareToSmile Client-Brian
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- Brian -

“Very understanding dentist, good place, highly recommended.” 

DareToSmile Client-Grill
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- Gill -

“Pain kept very- very minimum. If you need teeth replacing these are the guys to come to.” 

- Karin -

“I had teeth replacement on 6 missing teeth and I`m really pleased with the results.”

Our Smiles

From Dare to Smile Dental Budapest, Hungary

Before After

John (51), London

Full mouth rehabilitation with implants

Before After

Ann (63), Donchaster

Full mouth rehabilitation with implants

Before After

Beverley (52), Winchester

Full mouth implants

Before After

Matilda (48), Leeds

Orthodontic treatment

Before After

Jamie (57), Plymouth

Dental crown with a special symbol

Before After

Ruby (53), London

Full mouth rehabilitation with implants

Before After

John (45), Plymouth

Full mouth zirconia crown

Before After

Thomas (62), York

Full mouth rehabilitation with bridge

Before After

Nancy (59), Bristol

Single tooth replacement with dental implant

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