Full set of dental implants in Budapest, Hungary

Full set of dental implants

Full set of dental implants & confident Smile in 5 days in Budapest, Hungary

We offer much more at our Budapest clinic than full set of dental implants.


Full set of dental implants

With full set of dental implants our patients regain their confidence, their ability to spread joy with their new, beautiful smiles, their enthusiasm towards eating delicious and healthy food, and the overall quality of their lives improve significantly after our 5 days of treatment.

That’s right: our Swiss dental implants make all these mentioned possible for you in less than a week’s time!

Our 5-day treatment is a full set of dental implants rehabilitation that includes extracting teeth, placing dental implants and fixed teeth by the 5th day of the treatment. We use Swiss immediate load implants that we insert into their place immediately after extraction in one sitting. In the 5th, last day of the treatment, you will be able to bite and chew perfectly – and smile on photos happily with your new, gorgeous set of teeth, of course.

Another reason to smile

Come for a brief holiday in Budapest, Hungary’s picturesque capital, enjoy the historic sights, relax for a bit, then arrive back home with a radiant smile on your face. Our prices are another reason to smile: you can save up to 70% of the price and 98% of the full treatment time compared to UK prices.

  • The success rate is 98,2%
  • The treatment time is 5 days
  • No bone graft or sinus lift is needed
  • Suitable for people who are smoking and/or have controlled diabetes
  • Applicable for most patients immediately

Many patients are anxious of dental procedures, that is why general anaesthesia is always an option: with our trained, experienced anaesthesiologist, sleep dentistry is possible.

full set of dental implants rehabilitation can resolve all your dental issues permanently, and you can forget the long, painful procedures and high dental treatment costs forever!


We work out the treatment plan & quote according to the X-ray / CT scan.


Initial consultation at the clinic with our implant specialist


Happy, satisfied patient by the 5th day of dental treatment


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