Save up to 70% compared to UK dental prices

Dental Treatment Budapest Hungary

Full arch restoration with implants & fixed teeth in 5 days for only £5990 on a fixed price

Our Immediate Load Implants

  • Cheaper in Hungary
  • People with extensive bone shortage can have fixed teeth
  • Only 5 Days:
    Day 1 - Placement of implant under general anesthesia
    Day 5 - Placement of teeth

Conventional Implants

  • More expensive in the UK
  • Requires large amounts of bone | Lots of people can not have implants due to significant bonerecession
  • 6-12 months
    3 months waiting time for healing after teeth extraction
    6-9 months: waiting for healing after sinus lift and bone grafting
    9-12 months: Placement of teeth


Full arch restoration (upper or lower arch)
Fixed package price which includes extraction, 10-12 implants, bridge (permanent teeth), local anaesthetics and medications


Porcelain crown, bridge unit
Porcelain fused to metal definitive crown or bridge unit on own teeth, on implant £250.


1 implant (IHDE Immediate Load Dental Implant)
Price includes tooth extraction, an implant and local anaesthetics


Zirconium, metal free crown, bridge unit
A perfect material, it can be used in case of metal allergy.

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