pain free dentistry

Painfree Dentistry in Budapest

Painfree Dentistry In Budapest

In our modern world, pain-free dentistry has become one of the basic expectations of dental patients.

Not optional, but required!

In the twenty-first century, pain-free interventions in any medical field are no longer optional, but required! In our innovative dental clinic, which is located in the picturesque Buda Hills, we offer our guests a wide variety of entirely painless dental treatments! Our unit is specialized in immediate load dental implants. We work in partnerships with Swiss IHDE Dental, of whom we are a reference clinic in Hungary.

What do you have to know about painless dentistry? What can we offer for you in our dental clinic?

  • At our clinic, everything starts with a smile from the first moment when a patient enters. We strongly believe that taking good care of our clients is essential to build trust and confidence, which is essential to reducing the stress factor. This is where painless dentistry begins!

  • Our professional colleagues are very empathetic and during the consultations will listen to all your needs, and they will strive to offer you the best painless dentistry solution for the dental treatment you need.

  • Depending on the type of intervention required, you will be offered the most appropriate level of sedation from conscious sedation to general anesthesia. However, there are some cases when we suggest our patients to have the intervention with general anesthesia. What are these cases?

  • for anxious patients who suffer from dental-phobia—on occasion, this fear of treatment can make it impossible to perform the surgeries.

  • for patients who have a gag (pharyngeal) reflex – situations when patients get nausea and start vomiting when the dentist reaches into their mouth

  • when several interventions will be performed at the same time – such as tooth extractions, crowns, root canal treatments, implants, jaw and cyst surgeries

  • during longer interventions (3-4 hours) – as it is really uncomfortable to keep our mouth open for such a long time

  • full arch restoration

  • Painless dentistry doesn’t end when the client leaves our clinic. We always provide our patients with the necessary pain killers, sedatives, and personalized posttreatment instructions to avoid any possible pain and inconvenience during the healing period.

  • We follow up on each and every case as we strongly believe our client’s full satisfaction and a perfect smile is our greatest achievement!

We guarantee a pain-free experience for all of our clients! Patients no longer avoid having dental treatments because of their fear of pain! Feel free to contact us if you have more questions! Your satisfaction is our success!

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