General anaesthetic dentist

Guaranteed pain-free dental treatments in Hungary

Guaranteed pain-free dental treatments in Hungary

Feel safe with general anaesthetic dentist!

Let’s face it! Many people are afraid to visit the dentist and they just go around until the pain becomes unbearable. In fact, approx. 75% of adults suffer from dental fear. As a result, more and more patients are asking to fall asleep during dental work.

What is a general anaesthetic dentist?

It is a deep unconsciousness which is performed by an anaesthesiologist. In this state the patient does not remember, feel anything. The anaesthesiologist doctor monitors the patient until the end of the deep sedation, ensuring the safety of the patient

At Dare to Smile Dental Budapest you will have stress-free and painless dental treatment thanks to general anaesthetic dentistry.

When to use general anesthesia for dental treatment? 

Reasons to perform dental care under general anaesthesia 

  • Large amounts of treatments can be done at the same time, including scale and polish, fillings, root canal treatment, dental crowns, extractions, and dental implants
  • People with dental fear / phobia can relax 
  • Patients who had inability to complete dental treatment with lighter sedation or laughing gas 
  • Patients who have gag reflex 

When people come to Dare to Smile Dental Budapest they mostly ask “Doctor, I just don’t want any pain, I don’t want to remember anything!” Sedation dentistry is the best solution in these cases. 

We do recommend general anaesthesia for the immediate load dental implants procedure when we extract the teeth and place the implants at the same time. 

If the fear of pain has stopped you from going to the dentist, feel free to take the first step – we’ve rolled that hurdle out of your way!


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