New smile with teeth implants

My new smile with teeth implants

The most beautiful “makeup” a woman can wear


The power of a smile

Our most important relationships usually start with a confident smile, whether in our business or personal lives. A smile is a value that has a strong positive power. I got implants in Budapest only in 5 days, and I am wearing the most beautiful makeup: my dazzling smile.  As a child of surgeon parents, I can call myself lucky, I went to the best schools, I traveled around the world. However, I was never satisfied with myself. I was a little overweight and sometimes teased because of my disordered teeth, so I was ashamed to smile confidently. I had always thought about teeth implants but in the end I did not have the courage to visit a specialist. I tried to suppress my dissatisfaction with my body image disorders. Eventually I became a director in a marketing company, and my husband works as a lawyer. I can proudly say that as a mother of two children, I have achieved everything in life that I have only dreamed of.

I got compliments on my work in a row, but no one ever said that e.g. my smile would be nice. Why would they say that? Where is the WOMAN I have tried to suppress all my life? Also a question popped in my mind if I would need teeth implants(fog implantátum in Hungarian)? I didn’t even realize I was not getting enough time for myself.

So after the fifties, I have started to think that I have to love the WOMAN within myself, otherwise what I do day in and day out is worth nothing. I switched to a healthy lifestyle, my body shape got better, I almost rejuvenated.

I also boosted my confidence with the best financial investment of my life, thanks to the team of Dare to Smile Dental Budapest, my smile became attractive and bright in just five days with teeth implants. It’s unbelievable to see getting these teeth implants within 5 days with fantastic result after suffering with my bad teeth for so many years.

The teeth implants hold a perfectly beautiful, natural, white dental bridge: my new teeth.

I am happy that I do dare to smile boldly and to be able to express all the faith, strength and love I have sucked into myself through my entire life. I am just coming from a company lunch, needless to say, they were just flooded with compliments, many people have asked the secret of my youth :-). Now, you can’t even wipe the smile off my face. I live again, I enjoy everything again, and finally it’s the real joy that comes from me, the Woman is living in me.

The time has come for you to have a well-deserved, beautiful smile with the help of teeth implants at Dare to Smile Dental Budapest.

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