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The most innovative dental clinic in Budapest

In the field of dental implantology


Dare to Smile Dental, the most innovative dental clinic in Budapest

Our clinic is constantly looking for the most innovative solutions in the field of dental implantology, thus helping our patients to heal faster. We believe that our patients should not be exposed to long waits until they have fixed teeth.

Our implants are specially developed for immediate loading, which greatly reduces the time interval of the implantation process. The implants have been designed and proven by IHDE Dental (Switzerland) in 42 countries around the world to regain a beautiful smile and perfect chewing function within 5 days without bone augmentation. We would like to highlight that at our facility work with these Swiss IHDE Dental implants with a success rate of 98.2%.

Our most innovative technology is the syncrystallization technique. Syncrystallization is an intra-oral welding methodology to connect together the immediately loaded implants with a titanium bar in the mouth which will be the frame of the teeth.

Thanks to this technique, patients can leave the dental clinic in Budapest

with a fixed set of teeth at the end of the treatment; therefore, reducing the length of the whole dental treatments even more radically. 99% of our patients who are coming to our dental clinic in Budapest are suitable for dental implants with immediate loading. There is a high chance that our patients who have diabetes or smoke can get dental implants.

All dental treatments can be requested under general anaesthesia, so they are completely stress-free and pain-free. You will no longer have negative experiences with dentistry. For shorter surgeries, intravenous sedation can be used instead of general anaesthesia. Dare to Smile Dental clinic in Budapest is one of the oldest dental practises where sleep dentistry is available.

We can provide our patients with a full range of dental care, from dental hygiene to implantology and periodontal surgeries, which require the most advanced surgical technology. Root canal specialists and orthodontists are also available to our patients. Our team and our dental treatments are constantly expanding at our dental clinic in Budapest.

What professionalism can be expected by patients?

Our chief specialist in dental implantology and oral surgery is Dr. László Koronczay. He has been awarded the title of ‘Master of Immediate Implantation’ and ‘International Foundation Teacher’. He has international experiences and regularly participates in further training at home and abroad. Our dental clinic in Budapest employs nine dentists who are individually specialised in different fields of dentistry such as cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, and periodontic dentistry.

If you have any dental problem please feel free to contact Dare to Smile Dental Clinic in Budapest. 

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