Full mouth rehabilitation within 5 days

Complete mouth rehabilitation with implants in Budapest, Hungary

A happy life begins with a beautiful smile

Would you like to have fixed teeth in 5 days with implants in Budapest?

Thanks to the Swiss immediate load implants it is possible to gain back your beautiful smile and joy of eating in 5 days. It is considered a routine process nowadays. At Dare to Smile Dental Budapest we have done more than 1000 full mouth rehabilitations in the last years.

What does the 5 days implant treatment include?

-Consultation with CT scan
-Extracting teeth and
-in the same sitting placing dental implants
-Fixing the bridge (teeth) on the implants

Check out the remarkable smile transformations of our patients here.

sleeping man

We know that many people suffer from dental phobia.

So, we made sleep dentistry possible for everybody. With trained, experienced professionals, you will sleep while we are working away on your smile. You will have a few stress-free, pain-free, pleasant minutes to relax while we solve your dental problems in an absolutely painless process.


Our prices are another reason to smile: you can save up to 70% of the price and 98% of the full treatment time compared to UK prices:

Full mouth rehabilitation on a fixed price with dental implants in Budapest: £5990/arch, no hidden costs!

-The success rate is 98,2%
-The treatment time is 5 working days
-No bone graft or sinus lift is needed
-Suitable for people who are smoking and/or have controlled diabetes
-Applicable for most patients immediately

With the Swiss teeth dental implants in Budapest, there is only one surgery – even for full mouth rehabilitation. You can avoid waiting months after a bone graft or sinus lift to get implants.
With us by the 5th day of the treatment you will be chewing properly and smiling happily, of course.

This is the chance you have been looking for. Contact our liaison manager Viktor, he will gladly inform you of the details and help you organise your trip to Budapest!

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