Fixed teeth on dental implants for smokers

Fixed teeth on dental implants for smokers!

Dental Implants Only 5 Days In Budapest!


Immediate load dental implants

What should you consider if you would like to have dental implants and you are a smoker? Regarding conventional dental implants, it would be necessary to put this bad habit on hold weeks before the intervention and wait at least two or three months after the surgery to foster osseointegration. However, even if we cannot overcome this bad habit there is a solution to our problem.

It is called immediate load dental implants which are the ideal dental implants for smokers!

What are the negative effects of smoking?

Cigarette smoke burns the oral tissues inside our mouth. It results primarily in mouth dryness and in some extreme, cases can even block the salivary glands. Saliva is essential to keep our mouth moist, fights germs and its protein and mineral content protects the tooth enamel. A lack of saliva often leads to tooth cavities, gum disease, and lack of enough bone. So, smoke harms the gum and the bone in your mouth which supports your implants! – The surface of the immediate load implants is basal smooth where tartar cannot be deposited which is caused by smoking.

The conventional implants have a rough surface, hence it is easier for the tartar to be deposited on the implant.  Therefore, the Swiss immediate load implants by IHDE Dental are the ideal implants for smokers!

In our state-of-the-art dental clinic in Budapest, the whole treatment process takes only 5 days. Thus, it is the best solution for those who are seeking dental implants for smokers as it means less stress to the body and healing is much quicker than in the case of a traditional intervention! Another important thing is that smokers are more exposed to the risk of gingivitis and gingival recession which can lead to having an infection even around the implant, a so-called peri-implantitis, which can cause implant failures. Therefore, we suggest smokers take extra care of oral hygiene in everyday life. What can you do to lessen the negative effects of smoking if you need dental implants as a smoker?

Smoke your last cigarette at least two hours before the surgery!

  • do not rinse your mouth during the 5 days treatment as it may slow down the wound healing!
  • use only a soft bristle toothbrush!
  • try to avoid smoking immediately after surgery as it may slow down the healing process!

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