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Teeth fixed in five days?

Teeth fixed in five days?

Yes, it is possible! – with teeth implants in Budapest

Whoever you are, we all come with big desires regarding our teeth. Be the guy who wants to overcome his biggest insecurity. Or be his young daughter, who has to conquer her biggest fear. Or, let’s say, you are just someone who has a huge need: not only a healthy smile but a nice smile.

These huge needs require to be matched with huge amounts of care, experience, and trust. That is what we provide, by dental implants in Budapest.

Our English-speaking dental clinic in Budapest will give these needs the deeds: specializing in full mouth dental implants, our dentists will grant you teeth implants in Budapest in only five days. A warm welcome on your first day; a painless, full mouth surgery on your second day; a molded imprint on the third day; your well-deserved rest on your fourth day; and you are ready to receive your new teeth. 

A complete, life-changing experience in just under a week. Give us five days and we restore a missing tooth to its original state. Or a whole arch. Or your complete jaw. Full mouth implants in Budapest, before it gets too late. Be it a dental implant, crowns or veneers, teeth-whitening, or more, they can all be executed under sleep dentistry, using sedation or general anesthesia.

We have it: the highest quality, premium, Swiss dental implants that can be loaded immediately, crowns applied with the highest competence and skill regarding Budapest tooth implant. These restorations cannot have any restrictions. Dare to Smile Dental makes sure your stay is as stress-free as possible. And after your painless stay at our clinic, Budapest’s streets await you.

Since time is on our side, right after your third day you can indulge in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. And we do not let even Covid say no to you: due to the low number of cases, there are barely any restrictions. Due to our painless treatments, you are free to enjoy Budapest tooth implants fixed, everything set. 

Trust our highly experienced dentists in Budapest with the care of your oral issues and expect the best results: our patients’ extreme satisfaction with tooth implants in Budapest has not changed for the last six years.

Let us be the ones who prove to you: it is possible to travel home with a flawless smile in under one week. 

Safe place to come, safe teeth to go. We are waiting for you.

Whatever day it is, in 5 days you will smile!


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