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Get your teeth done in dazzling Budapest

Dental implants and fixed teeth in Hungary in just 5 days!

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Do you need quality dental treatment at a reasonable price?

Combine your dental trip with a pleasant holiday in the picturesque capital of Hungary in Budapest and save up to 70% compared to UK prices.

Cost effective & high tech dental treatment in Budapest

Budapest is the dental capital of Europe. Dentists are very well educated and renowned for their quality services. Many practices have great services however always ask for hidden costs. At Dare to Smile Dental there are no hidden costs at our package prices.

Why choose Dare to Smile Dental Budapest?

  • Only one week’s absence is required from work.

  • There are no multiple visits until you get fixed teeth.

  • For most people the usage of immediate load implants are connected with the avoidance of bone augmentations (bone graft), sinus lift.

  • Highly qualified dentists, implantologist and nurses

  • Fast and pain-free treatment thanks to the minimal invasive technique which is pain- and bloodfree.

  • Thanks to sleep dentistry (general anesthesia) there is no pain and anxiety. General anesthesia when we put you to sleep is always an option.

  • Outstanding guarantee

  • 24 hours contact during your visit

  • 92,8% success rate


Let’s compare the average UK prices with the Hungarian ones.

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Dental implants can resolve your dental problems permanently. For further information and for available appointments please contact us by filling in the contact form below or give us a call:


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