full mouth dental implants

Full mouth dental implants within 5 days

Full mouth dental implants within 5 days

Full mouth dental implants treatment is a way you can get rid of all of your dental problems – aesthetic, health and comfort issues at once. In only 5 days!  You won’t even have to spend a large sum on it with our innovative treatment.

Dental problems get worse and more expensive to fix over time if left untreated, and in the end, there is not much a dentist can do to save the tooth. In some cases, there is no need for saving, it is better to choose other measures.

A full mouth dental implants rehabilitation is considered a routine process nowadays. At Dare to Smile Dental, we have done over 10,000 surgeries where we removed the unhealthy or unnecessary teeth completely and inserted implants in their places to fix prosthetic teeth on them, with a 98,2% success rate.

We work with Swiss immediate load dental implants that guarantee that you will regain full chewing capacity immediately after your new teeth are put into place! These are designed to place them straight after tooth extraction, which means there is only one surgery needed for the whole process, reducing the full treatment time by an astonishing 98% compared to previous techniques, while you save up to 70% compared to Western European prices. Incredible!

With full mouth dental implants there is only one surgery. You can avoid waiting for months, you can save large amounts of money that you would spend on dental work in the future. Also you have the chance to see the gorgeous capital of Hungary.

This is the chance you have been looking for. Contact our liaison manager Viktor, he will gladly inform you of the details and help you organise your trip to Budapest!

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