avoid bone grafting

Are you suggested to have bone grafting in Budapest?

Are you suggested to have bone grafting in Budapest?

Perhaps, you do not need bone grafting.

bone grafting

Immediate load implants

In many cases dentists come across to the problem that lots of patients who would like to have dental implants need bone grafting and/or sinus lift, otherwise the implantation will not be successful or cannot be done. Dr. IHDE’s immediate load implants offer solution to this problem. By using these implants fixed replacement can be prepared without bone augmentation in hopeless cases as well.

Bone graft might be needed for conventional implants

In conventional implants bone grafting might be necessary in case if there is not enough volume of bone for the implants. Low bone volume can be caused for example by age or inflammation and by many other factors as well. Bone grafting can be done with a special grafting material or with bone graft. In the latter case sufficient amount of bone tissue is taken from the hip bone. It is important to underline that in clinical settings only 60% of bone grafting procedures are successful. The duration of the ossification, this is the process when the bone tissue is fully integrated and implants can be placed is approximately 4-6 months. But until the patient could get fixed teeth can take up to 2 years time. In addition to the unpleasant surgical treatment and the high price there is no guarantee that your body accepts the transplanted bone tissue.

“Bone grafting in Budapest can be avoided in most cases by using Dr. IHDE immediate load implants.”

These dental implants can be inserted in even thirty degrees thus avoiding the sinus area and the need of replacing bone.
Dr. IHDE implants are inserted in the hard bone being beyond the spongy bone. It results in an immediate solid foundation for the new teeth.

Dare to Smile Dental has the solution for avoiding bone replacement!

Benefits of avoiding bone augmentation:

  • Avoid implanting further foreign material (one or two further surgeries)
  • Avoid additional surgical risks – with Dr IHDE dental implants there is only one surgery
  • Cost savings, one-third of the total price of the treatment is avoided (bone replacing is expensive)
  • Time saving: 98%. Instead of few years after couple of days fixed chewing teeth are fixed to patients.

In our opinion patients want teeth, not bone graftingWith immediate loading implants we can give back the joy of eating, chewing and the aesthetic smile in 5 days.

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