9 reasons for immediate load dental implants

Why choose immediate load dental implants in Budapest?

9 reasons for immediate load dental implants


Here are 9 reasons

We take our teeth for granted until their health starts deteriorating, that is when most of us realise how important are a full set of teeth in our everyday lives. From comfort to confidence, our teeth mean a great deal to us. Removable dentures are the most common solution for losing teeth and they can be a solution for a while, but a full chewing function and a beautiful smile is something they cannot provide for long, not to mention they tend to be unpleasant to wear and use. Immediate load dental implants Budapest is the solution.

At Dare to Smile Dental we offer you a permanent solution: our Swiss-quality immediate load dental implants in Hungary guarantee you will be able to eat normally and smile confidently – in only 5 days!

But first: what are the immediate load dental implants?

As opposed to dentures which users can take out, dental implants are tiny titanium screws that we place snugly where the natural tooth’s root was, ensuring that the prosthetic tooth on top of it will never become loose.

9 reasons to choose dental implants

  1. Natural appearance

Prosthetic teeth supported by dental implants look much better than removable dentures. They are also non-removable.

  1. Great confidence boost

Have your dentures ever got loose at the wrong time? For this reason, removable dentures cause a significant drop of confidence and even anxiety in some patients. On the other hand, once your dental implants are in place, they are like your own, permanent teeth.

  1. Comfort

There is always the question of comfort with removable dentures. Changes develop in fitting over time which often cause pain in the mouth. They need to be taken out at night and for cleaning. Since tooth implants feel just like natural teeth, the whole set of these issues is nonexistent.

  1. Permanent solution

Once you undergo the procedure, chances are you will never have to deal with this issue anymore. More than 95% of all implants are still in place after 10 years. With appropriate oral hygiene, the implants last life long.

  1. You can enjoy eating chewing…

Chewing is key: dentures can move around when in use while implants cannot. They are just like real teeth.

  1. …and the taste of good food again

Removable dentures cover the palate, making it difficult to enjoy the real taste of food. Dental implants do not hinder the sense of taste.

  1. Eat anything you like

Some foods are not advised to eat with removable dentures, many of them being healthy and nutritious. Patients with dental implants can eat raw carrots, bite into apples just after the 5th day of the treatment.

  1. Free, clear speech

Speaking with removable dentures can be awkward since they can become mobile, often causing embarrassment and annoyance to their wearer. Normal speech is not an issue with implants as they are firmly in place.

  1. Cost-effective

At our state-of the-art dental clinic Budapest we offer you the best care and high quality Swiss materials on affordable prices.

Dare to Smile Dental offers you a permanent solution for your teeth for much more competitive prices than anywhere in Western Europe. Contact us, let us organize your 5-day trip to the gorgeous Hungarian capital, and forget dentures once and for all!

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