Get back your confidence in 5 days with smile makeover in Budapest

smile makover budapest

Get back your confidence in 5 days with smile makeover in Budapest

Those very uncomfortable glances and awkward situations; do you get warning signs from your environment that it is time to take yourself to a complex dental treatment? Immaculate smile, white teeth without caries and the ability of comfortable biting and chewing, all of these contribute to the development of a healthy self-image and self-confidence! The latter is the key to your personal success. One of the keys for this is a smile makeover in Budapest

Are you mocked since childhood because of your inclined teeth? On Christmas photos were you always the black sheep with your “strange smile”? Is the opinion of friends and colleagues left a spike in you?

Is it due to the lack of a confident smile…

… you are avoiding company?

If you were bothered because of the look of your current smile and you were sitting at home on weekends because you feel awkward to smile then it is time to take the first step to get a smile makeover in Budapest.

… you are speaking with your mouth half shut?

Are you trying to hide your bad breath or the look of your smile? Is this why you hardly open your mouth while you speak? Communicate confidently and openly with a perfect smile after 5 days!

…you feel you are unfit?

Are you bothered by your grey teeth because of smoking or having too much coffee? Are you suffering of recurring inflammation? Or simply just feel you are unfit? All the existing dental problems are treated during a smile makeover in Budapest.

Let the total reconstruction begin.

During a smile makeover in Budapest not only one, but all your problems are treated.

What is exactly a smile makeover in Budapest?

  • Placing of implants if necessary
  • Replacing of inlays/onlays; placing or replacing of crowns and bridges
  • Bite correction, due to the correctly set bite the face gets back its natural symmetry
  • Treatment of periodontal disease
  • Completion of necessary orthodontic treatments or bleaching.

What do you get in return?

The perfect, healthy smile and confidence will no longer be unavailable. How big is the force of a perfect smile? Due to it you can go confidently to a job interview; you can have a social life. Even the long-forgotten period of dating may be part of your life again if you dare to smile.

‘It sounds good but I am sure it is very expensive and it consists of a line of painful procedures!’

If you have similar thoughts we can assure our prices are 50-70% lower than UK prices; the treatments are carried out mostly under general anesthesia. This is also suitable for the people who are afraid of dentists, have dental phobia. General anesthesia helps you to overcome this fear.

Smile Makeover at Dare to Smile Dental Budapest

All your dental problems can be treated in one place at once with Dare to Smile Dental. We provide free consultation to everyone.

During the consultation a check-up is carried out and our dental clinic and team are introduced.

This consultation also includes free panoramic X-ray with working out of a personalised treatment plan, free transport from and to the airport, free smile planning with 3D smile design. If you agree with the treatment plan we can start your treatment on the same day. 

Choose a smile makeover in Budapest to resolve all your dental problems and forget the painful procedures and high dental treatment costs forever!

Please feel free to contact us, we will get back to you in max. 24 hours. 

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