Are you suggested to have bone grafting?

Are you suggested to have bone grafting?

Have you ever wondered why losing teeth is one of the most common nightmares people tend to have? To understand this question better, we have to start our investigation at the human subconscious, or the more animalistic, instinct-based part of our mind.

What do our teeth mean to us?

The chances of survival for an animal in the wild without teeth are tragically low, as they are among the most important tools they have for protection and sustenance. Dreams (and nightmares) show us our subconscious fears which are rooted in our prehistoric memories: losing confidence because we do not feel like our most vital self anymore, losing the joy of chewing and eating tasty food, being afraid of becoming vulnerable, and every other fear we associate with losing our teeth brings is just as real today as it was forever.

Old fears, modern solutions

In modern times, anyone who has to deal with losing teeth can visit a dentist to see what can be done to resolve this unpleasant issue. Patients feel like regaining their abilities and confidence are ahead of them if they go to the dentist – and that is why they feel a growing sense of helplessness, annoyance, and even resignation with their current state when they are informed that implanting new teeth requires bone grafting and/or sinus lifting. They visit the dentist full of hope that they will get their teeth back and, in many cases, full of anxiety from the procedures to come. And what do they get? The prospects of an even more terrifying and expensive procedure that chips away their hope of smiling confidently and enjoying food once again.

Dare to Smile Budapest has the solution for avoiding bone grafting!

With Dr IHDE’s immediate load implants there are no hopeless cases as bone augmentation is not a prerequisite of using them! These revolutionary, Swiss quality devices can be implanted even in cases when conventional implants cannot be because the volume of bone is not enough for the procedure, something that inflammation, aging, and a number of other factors may cause.

Bone augmentation takes time and effort. It can be done using special grafting material or bone tissue from somewhere else in the body (usually the hip bone), and it has to integrate completely into the bone before the patient gets their implants and new teeth. The whole procedure can take up to 2 years, and success rate is only moderately encouraging – compared to Dr. IHDE’s immediate load implants, a procedure that only takes 5 days from start to finish!

These implants can be inserted in even thirty degrees thus avoiding the sinus area and the need of replacing bone. They are inserted in the hard bone being beyond the spongy bone, resulting in an immediate solid foundation for the new teeth.

  • Less foreign material – no grafts needed
  • Less surgical risks – there is only one surgery
  • Less expense – third of what bone grafting costs
  • Less time – we are talking days instead of years for the whole procedure!

Patients want teeth, not bone grafting. With immediate load implants we can give back the joy of eating, chewing and smiling in 5 days without bone grafting. Contact us and let us help you organize your trip to Budapest, to be back home with a healthy, confident smile in less than a week’s time!


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