Immediate Dental Implants in Budapest

immediate dental implants

Immediate Dental Implants in Budapest

Recent cars are safer than ever before. The latest smartphones offer better ways of entertainment. And the immediate dental implants do not require months or years before they fully replace natural teeth.

Here in our dentistry in beautiful Budapest, we work with the latest innovations of implantology. Our patients can chew and smile confidently in only 5 days after their first visit!

How immediate implants does that work?

There is no magic involved, only cutting-edge technology: we work with Dr IHDE’s immediate dental implants, made in Switzerland. These are titanium screws that we insert into the jaw bone immediately after removing the natural teeth. We design the prosthetic teeth that will be placed on the implants, we make sure they are a comfortable fit for the patient, and that is everything.

No more awkward smiles, no more special diet based on soft foods, no more pain, only your new, beautiful set of teeth and the joy of eating whatever you like and regained confidence.

Isn’t that expensive, you might ask.

One of the beautiful things about this innovation is that it reduces the length and complexity of the procedure. Less visits to the dentist, less costs, less traveling, less worrying. Since the whole process takes only 5 days, it can be done during a week-long vacation. At Dare to Smile Dental Budapest we are specialised in offering our services to patients from all around the world, especially Western Europe. Budapest is often called the dental capital of Europe for a reason: prices are low, dental specialists are highly qualified and experienced.

Our implant specialist Dr László Koronczay is the one who teaches other implantologists. With more than 10 thousand dental implant surgeries in his experience, you can rest assured that his team works in accordance with the highest standards in the field.

Forget long, painful and costly dental procedures, and prepare to meet your most confident self as soon as possible. Come to Budapest to get a full mouth rehabilitation with immediate dental implants. Save up to 70% compared to UK dental prices. Please, contact us for details!

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