The break-through in dental implantology

The break-through in dental implantology

The break-through in dental implantology

Swiss immediate load dental implants

To understand why the Swiss immediate load dental implants that we work with and use to resolve our patients’ every dental issue at once in 5 days, we have to compare the new technology to the old one.

Old implants

These were designed in times when steam-powered locomotives were the everyday means of traveling. Such as those, the traditional implants are outdated and have many disadvantages.

  • These can only be implanted into large amounts of bone which is something not everyone has – and that gets worse with age.
  • When the bone mass is not sufficient, sinus lift and bone grafting is needed, adding multiple layers of complexity to the process.
  • They require several months of healing time, which, in the case of bone grafting, could take years.
  • They are difficult to implant into the posterior of the jaws.
  • They consist of several pieces which are connected together with screws.
  • They are sensitive to infection
  • Their loss rate is high.
  • They are not designed for immediate load.

Simply put: these kind of implants do not meet patients’ demand and fail to grant long-lasting satisfaction for them.

On the other hand…

Immediate load dental implants

These require only the patients’ own, residual bone as their foundation, meaning there is no need for risky bone grafting and patients can also avoid the time delay caused by the ossification. This means virtually every patient can be treated, risk groups such as smokers and diabetic patients included.

Their implantation takes place on the same appointment as the removal of the unnecessary and/or unhealthy teeth, and there are no additional operations. This also includes immediate placement of at least a provisional bridge. Patients are never without teeth.

The chance of infections is practically zero, proper oral hygiene and regular check-ups are absolutely necessary however.

These dental implants provide large prosthetic freedom for the dentists technicians too, small surgical mistakes in implant positioning do not threaten the aesthetic result. Skeletal discrepancies can be compensated easily and teeth may be positioned in regions where no bone is present.

The thin but well-designed implant body allows good bone healing and bone remodeling. On the polished implant surfaces no intermediate formation of woven bone is necessary as these surfaces are integrated with the implants right away. The bone heals uneventfully as if there was no implant present.

The best thing about our Swiss immediate load implants is that they allow a drastically more fast process that gives patients back their full chewing capacity and smile in 5 days, cutting the full treatment time down by 98%.

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